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Submitted on
December 10, 2010
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Meet me next spring in the usual place,
give me two hugs 'cause I like your embrace,
one when we meet and one when we part -
you are a friend who is dear to my heart.

No Other Nancy told Tommy the Tree,
"I'll climb for you if you climb for me."

Old man, I've known you forty years,
and you have always hawked your fears,
and they were small and cheap somehow,
although you tried to make them dear.
I never bought, I will not now.

Porcupine Patty and Sugar Bear Sid
never told anyone all that they did.

Question the changes and the leader will say,
"Play yours tomorrow, play mine today."

Ridiculous Ralph had the world on a string,
but there was a problem, my dears.
The string was too long and the world went so far
that Ralph hasn't seen it in years.

So many people have walked in your shoes -
the soles have grown thin but they haven't worn through.

Troubles coming at me from the east and from the west,
my legendary kindness is put to the test.

Up to your old tricks again, I see.
Well, go ahead, it won't bother me.

Voices in my head,
when I go to bed.

Walk in a wild place, run where it's tame,
never let on that one leg is lame.

X Street is where that cat used to play
in the mouth of an alley, he'd be there all day.
I used to pass by, but one day I stood
for an hour to listen, and man, it was good.

Yesterday's blues only got here today.
I told them, "You're late! Go away!"

Zesty Zoey told Stanley the Star,
"I want to go home," and that's where they are.
The rest of the alphabet, follow-up to [link]

Flexing poetic muscle, going for repetitions rather than lots of weight.

"Changes" at the letter Q refers to chord changes a musician would play.
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An interesting experiment with some interesting results. Maybe I should try that. The off-the-cuff approach would be in line with my usual patternless and shifting writing despite the rhyming 'requirement'.
RichardLeach Dec 22, 2010   Traditional Artist
Thanks. Sometimes a "limit" like rhyming is a big help.
hoaxeye Dec 12, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Fantastic muscle flexing. Kudos.
RichardLeach Dec 12, 2010   Traditional Artist
Thanks very much, James. Sorry I haven't been around more this month. Hope all is well with you.
You will be providing illustrations for this soon, I assume.
RichardLeach Dec 12, 2010   Traditional Artist
Funny you say that, I was imagining what a nice little book these would make, something like Edward Lear. Not promising to do it soon, though!
I can picture Edward Gorey (a bit of a different Edward). ;)
RichardLeach Dec 13, 2010   Traditional Artist
I like him a lot too - and that style would definitely work!
It's funny, cuz when I got to work this morning, lo and behold, there was an Edward Leary book on one of our display tables (The Dong With the Luminous Nose) with drawings by Edward Gorey. So I must have subliminally known that! :D
RichardLeach Dec 13, 2010   Traditional Artist
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