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July 26, 2010
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A. pays the seven dollars for a beer,
the flight attendant takes his twenty
and says that she will bring change shortly.
He pops the top and pours the beer with care,

waits for the foam to go. With seatbelt tight
and armrest lost to someone on his right,
he can barely move. He is snug as his son
in a denim carrier on his chest all those

years ago, and as content. He is safely
out of touch, can do nothing for anyone,
nor be asked to. He can lift his plastic cup.
He can sip beer through the remaining foam.

He can lower the cup. He can do no more,
so lets himself feel no more need be done.
Alone a while, and glad to be alone -
A. was away, and now is coming home.
A note on air travel.
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cheers to that. (:
RichardLeach Sep 8, 2010   Traditional Artist
it's great to come home /after being away!
They can now "get you" in the air, I am told. Wifi permitted? Phones allowed mid-flight? I used to like the feeling of having to be out of touch with NO responsibility, but I guess this is gone now. :(
RichardLeach Jul 28, 2010   Traditional Artist
Yeah, that is changing, but it hasn't come to all carriers or all flights yet. In flight was one of the last pure refuges. I loved having a cell phone in my pocket to call home when I was delayed in Philly a couple weeks ago - compared to finding a pay phone in the old days - but it's also good to have those out-of-touch places.
I can't remember the last time I saw a pay phone, and I was just at LaGuardia yesterday. I wonder if they're disguising them somehow.
RichardLeach Jul 28, 2010   Traditional Artist
That's a good question... they must still be there somewhere. I'm still getting used to people striding briskly along with ear pieces, apparently talking to the air. I do sit or stand and hold my cell to my ear like Alexander Graham Bell intended!
Phone clenced in hand. The only way to be!
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